Thursday, April 28, 2016

West Virginia Spring Woods Have Many Attractions

Fringed polygala (Gaywings)
 Turkey Season is just another excuse to get into the West Virginia Spring woods. This could be why I don't get many turkeys. (or trout, deer, fish and etc)
I'm just enjoying being out. This was the first time in these woods in the spring and they help many spring ephemerals. The first was Gaywings a plant with unique fringed parts which are the key to opening the flower for pollinators. 

Fringed polygala (Gaywings)


Purple Trillium

Purple Trillium



Rue Anemone 

Showy Orchis. This is a new site for this Orchid

New Wildflower for this blog  Pennsylvania Sedge

A Moss in Flower (or whatever moss does)
#343- Pennsylvania Sedge

 Pennsylvania Sedge

Later in the week I stopped by Camp Creek State Park and saw Wild Columbine

Wild Columbine

Wild Columbine

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Loving Me Some Ephemerals

#342 - Yellow Fumewort (Corydalis flavula )
This flower is brand new for me.
It is in same family as Dutchman's Breeches
and Squirrel Corn. All three were in the same area.  
I had 2 1/2 hours to kill after work and before a Board of Ed meeting so  I contemplated several areas that I could hike and see ephemeral wildflowers. It had snowed last week and hit 15 degrees one night so I thought they might be damaged or non-existent. One area that I love in April was too far, one was closed due to wildfire so I settled on a new area with a dirt road and near the river, thus lower elevation. I made the perfect choice, everything that I usually see in several different places were all here. So. below and many pictures and one new wildflower for this blog as I attempt to photograph every wildflower that I can find in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia.

Dwarf Ginseng

Dwarf Ginseng

Large Bellwort

Large Bellwort

Red Bud

Large Flowering Trillium

Spring Beauty 

Jack  In The Pulpit

Mitre Wort

Squirrel Corn


Dwarf Larkspur

Purple Trillium

Sweet White Violet

Dwarf larkspur

Dutchmen's Breechs

Toadstool Trillium


Carolina Spring BEauty

Phlox and other wildflowers on rock overlooking New River

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


In the past three years, March  has seen no real wildflower action, but this year there is very early action all around the state. So I headed to Camp Creek on March 28 and found a good start after reports elsewhere. The elevation here generally keeps us a week or two behind other places in WV. We are expecting a cold snap beginning next week so this was a nice kickoff before a lull in the action. I will be traveling to Albuquerque, New Mexico soon and hope to have time to explore there and then when I'm back in WV, wildflowers should be going gangbusters.

                                                           Virginia Heartleaf (a ginger)

                                                                            Trout Lilly

                                                                        Trout Lilly

                                                                         False Rue Anemone 

                                                                     Hepatica White Variety

                                                            Trillium- should open by April 1  

                                          Mash Fork Falls at Camp Creek State Park

                              Throwing rocks in the creek